Mavis Rosaline Crawshaw

Mavis, (My Mother) was the second child and eldest daughter of Reuben and Rosaline Crawshaw.  She was born at Onehunga, Auckland N Z on the 10.3.1906 and died on 28.10.1971.  She was 65 years old. Her Father, Rueben, worked for  the N Z Railways as a Guard and as he was transfered about various towns of the North Island their children were educated at a number of schools.  Mavis married Davie Burns Trotter on the 30.5.1934.  Mavis was 28 years old and  Davie was 31. They had 3 children, Michael Davie, born on the 29.5.1935, Sybil born on 8.3.1939 and Roger Louis born 15.10.1946.  As a result of a prolonged birth Sybil suffered brain damage and has never spoken.

Mavis in her single days worked for her Aunt, Annie Eves who ran a Guest House, Orewa House at Orewa north of Auckland.  It is said she met my Father Davie when staying with the Rowe family who lived across Hamilton's Road from where Davie lived out of Warkworth.

Above left, Mavis, at 19 years of age.       Above right, photo in 1939, Mum with me at 4 years old.

Mr N E (Norman) Russell mentioned in the Kitchen Evening article was the owner of Solway Farm which was a dairy farm at that time.

See the Crawshaw Family Tree here.

           Left  Rodger and I about 1949/50

           Mum and dad about the same time.