John Crawshaw

John Crawshaw was born in 1829 at Linconshire, England.  He immigrated to New Zealand at age 25 on the ship Catherine Stewart Forbes on the 9th of March 1852. Listed ocupation was as a farmer. His father was also John Crawshaw.  

He married Elizabeth Lynch on the 24th of October 1855 at the St John's College Chapel, St Johns, Auckland , New Zealand. Elizabeth Lynch had immigrated to New Zealand in 1847 on the ship Sir George Seymore. John Crawshaw died on the 27th of April 1915 at his residence 78 Princes Street Grey Lynn, Auckland.  He is buried at at the Howick All Saints Church at Howick, Auckland.

The children of John Crawshaw and Elizabeth Lynch are:

Emily Crawshaw  born 1857.     Married George McGuire

Edward George Crawshaw  born 1859.  Died 6th August 1940.  Married Emma Amelia Hunt.

William Crawshaw  born 1864. Died 24th of February 1945. Married 1. (Eliza) 2. (Alice) 3. (Ally)

John Coutier Crawshaw born 21st of June 1866. Died 9th September 1954. Married Phoebe Reeves Churches.

Eliza Crawshaw was born 1867  Married James Callaghan McConachie

Caroline Jane Crawshaw  was born the 14th of January 1869 and died the 7th of May 1928. She married Joseph Gallagher.

Samuel Crawshaw  was born 1871 and died the 18th June 1942.  He Married Mary Short.

Rueben Crawshaw was born 1879. He married Rosaline Agnes Forrest.

Also listed, Elizabeth Pauline Crawshaw born 23rd December 1857. Was she a twin of Emily maybe died at/after birth ??

Above: Elizabeth Crawshaw, Johns wife.

Above Right: The broken headstone at St Johns College Chapel, St Johns, Auckland.

Right: John Crawshaw Death Notice.

Below: The restored Headstone April 2015.