Green Server

The  Lilybay website is running at the moment on this server which has been  built for evaluation.

This fanless server is using Intel's latest Core i3-4360T low power 35 watt CPU.

The core operating temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius.

The total power draw is 46 watts as shown on the meter. (The usual server goes at 82 watts with it's 2 fans running.)

                                                                                  Main Components.


1. YESICO / FL-420ATX fanless power supply.

2. Gigabyte Z97N Intel Z97 Socket 1150 Mini ITX Haswell motherboard.

3. Intel 4th Gen Core i3 4360T 3.2GHz 35W HD4600 4MB Dual Core CPU

4. Nofan CR-80EH Copper IcePipe 80W capable Fanless CPU Cooler

5. Samsung 840 EVO MZ-7TE500BW 2.5" 250GB SATA III SSD

6. Old case bits and old CD Rom Drive for installing the Linux server operating system.

                                              Going good since the 6th Sept 14.


Also testing the early Trotter Scottish Family databases.        trotterb&b     trottermarriages